A Julia package for generating visualizations in Vega

Getting Started
Visualization Primitives
Creating A Visualization From Scratch

Pre-defined Visualizations

Area Plot
Aster Plot
Bar Plot
Box Plot
Bubble Chart
Dot Plot
Grouped Bar
Joint Plot
Line Plot
Pie/Donut Chart
Population Chart
Ribbon Plot
Rug Plot
Scatter Plot
Stem-and-Leaf Plot
Stream Plot
Word Cloud

Interactive Visualization

Interact.jl and Vega in Jupyter Notebooks
Creating Interactive Sites Using Escher and Vega

Visualization Mutating Functions

General Visualization Properties
hline! / vline!
xlab! / ylab!
xlim! / ylim!

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Getting Started

Vega.jl is listed on METADATA.jl, so downloading and installing Vega is the same as any other package:

using Vega

Currently, Vega.jl requires an Internet connection to render graphs, as the vega project is progressing so rapidly in version 2 that it is infeasible to have the JavaScript libraries as local copies. In the future, all of the JavaScript libraries needed to render graphics will be provided as part of the package for the ability to create visualizations without requiring an Internet connection.

Supported Environments

Vega.jl works with both Jupyter Notebook and the Julia REPL. When using Jupyter Notebooks, the graphics will automatically be printed in-line. Submitting commands via the REPL will either open a new tab in the currently open (default) browser, or trigger the default browser to open.

Vega.jl is only targeted to work against v0.4 of Julia (or newer). However, some use of the Compat.jl package to provide backwards compatibility has been done. If you are looking for increased backwards capatibility, please submit a pull request as necessary to support your preferred version of Julia.

Browser / OS compatibility

Testing for this package is done primarily on OSX, using recent versions Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Testing is also occasionally done on ElementaryOS (Linux) using the Midori browser.

It is expected, but not confirmed, that Vega.jl will work in an equivalent Windows environment and browsers. If it does not, please submit a GitHub issue.